About Me

about me

Hey guys! I’m Gisio, another food blogger!
Well actually I’m not. This website is just a selection of my favourite recipes.

This website started because I wanted to have an easy place to store my recipies, but since you stumbled upon it, do feel free to contribute.

Send me you favs , with some pictures!
Just fill in the contact form.


More than just food

There's more to life than just food. I'm also a big fans of slot machines, I play online and I prefer the ones that have a food connection like Spicy Chillies, Fruit case, and Chinese Kitchen.

Health through food

I have always tried to geep healthy through a balanced diet, but sometimes all those hours in the kitchen make for a sore back. I do not like to take medicines, so when my back feels sore i visit an osteopath. I'm lucky enough to live in London's Notting Hill; so I visit Idris the best osteopath ever at his clinic in the heart of Noting Hill Natural Moves

A word against veganism

Many vegans feels that they are superior, just because they are vegans. I feel that at best they are missguided. Here's why only substainable farming and free grazing husbandry is the answers.

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