Chinese Kitchen Slot Machine

Chinese cuisine is famous all over the world for its particular ingredients that make up the dishes. Second unlikely dishes and ingredients are the protagonists of the Chinese Kitchen slot machine.
Inside the kitchen we find a chef struggling with his Chinese specialties complemented by some ideas a bit ‘outlandish, which will then be the symbols for the combinations of the slot.

The slot features a completely themed kitchen background, made up of kettles, small pots and other utensils. Music also helps to engage and entertain users through sounds typical of oriental cuisine. In Italy where chinese triks are popular and are reffered to as trucchi chinesi, this slot machine is very popular.

chine kitche logo

General characteristics

The Chinese Kitchen slot machine consists of 9 reels and 8 pay lines. This means that each player will have at his disposal 9 lines on which to try to compose winning combinations.
Once you have chosen the value of the currency that you want to bet, the player must select one or more payment lines and set the corresponding betting values.

A nice feature of this slot is given by the possibility to choose, through a simple selection, actually which payment lines to use, without necessarily following a prefixed order.
Although, like all the Playtech home slots, Chinese Kitchen offers an appealing and fun graphics, the game is still very simple and intuitive.

The maximum possible payout in this slot is 1000 times the bet per bet line. Anyone can play this game as a range of bets varying from 0.01 to 5 €.
The choice starts from one to eight lines with a bet of 1 to 3 coins per line.
The maximum bet possible in a single bet is 24 coins. This slot offers winning combinations that are very accessible.

screenshot chinese kitchen


Most of us have never seen the interior of a Chinese kitchen: players will be surprised by some of the elements that are on the reels during the game.
Among the symbols of the slot players will come across classic ingredients of Chinese cuisine and in particular really bizarre: crabs, ducks, frogs, snakes, octopuses, turtles, starfish and umbrellas. All symbols are used for the purpose of winning combinations.

The player’s goal is to obtain combinations of 3 identical symbols along the selected pay lines.

Therefore only the combinations of three elements will be rewarded: 1000 for the turtle, 200 for the snake, 100 for the frog, 80 for the duck, 40 for the fish, 30 for the caterpillar, 20 for the octopus and 10 for the star navy. Even for the crab, when 3 come out in the same line, it pays 200 times the value set for bets.
Although not having many combinations, this slot is fairly rich and with a high payout.

Special symbols

simboli chinese kitchen In the Chinese Kitchen slot machine there are no wild symbols, but it is possible to make winning combinations both in the three vertical lines, and in the three horizontal lines and / or in both the diagonals that make up the reel.

There is, however, a special symbol that allows the player to win large victories: the crab. If a crab comes out, for example, the player has the opportunity of an immediate win twice as long as the bet and with two up to 10 times the bet.

Game options

In the Chinese Kitchen slot machine, Games Options is available, allowing players to customize slot settings. You can change sound effects, speed and activate the auto play mode to automatically play a certain number of laps.

You can evaluate the slot machine thanks to the free version available online, which has the same features of the paid game, with the advantage of trying a demo version before risking any amount of money.