Spicy Chillies A Foodie Slot Machine

Spicy food lovers? Spicy Chillies will infuse you even if you play with it. This is an online slot machine offered by iSoftBet. It can be played in many online casinos, but I think the best one are the so called casino online stranieri che accettano italiani

spicy cillies slot machine

General characteristics

The Spicy Chillies slot machine is configured as a 5 reel, 20 payline slot. Opening the initial screen you immediately understand that it is a spicy machine, since there are peppers and spicy foods everywhere.

Looking at the home screen, moreover, you can also gather important information regarding the machine and the modus operandi to play. First, looking down you see keys that are used to adjust some values.

But not only: for those who want to play without having to stay there to set values, there is the so-called Auto Giro, which serves to make the player play in automatic mode: in this way, the player can decide whether to make 5 or 10 laps without having the need to set values.

But there is also a button specially designed for those who want to do everything by aiming for the maximum: we are talking, of course, the Maximum Bet key.

For those who want to customize the gaming experience as completely as possible, there is a little more to do before clicking on Gira to start the rollers.

spicy chillies auto play

As mentioned, the slot in question has 20 pay lines and this means that the player has many choices: he can, in fact, activate from a minimum of 1 to a maximum of 20 and can do so through the Lines button that is at the bottom of the game screen, but also by clicking on the corresponding number beside it.

Once this is done then you will have to decide how much to bet, ie how many coins to put into play. Even this move is done by simply clicking on a button, that is the Coin.

Once everything is done, you will click on Gira to start the rollers and wait for the combinations that have been formed to find out how much you have won. The table of winnings is immediately accessible by the player who will reach it simply by clicking on a button.

Here it is:

Symbol 2 3 4 5
Naga 10 100 2000 15000
Thai 10 100 2000 10000
Meat ball 4 50 400 5000
Hot Sauce 2 40 300 3000
Water 2 20 200 1500
Scotch 2 15 100 1000
Jalapeno 10 40 300
Ace 10 30 200
King 6 20 150
Queen 6 15 100
Jack 5 10 75
10 2 5 50

Looking at this table you understand that the chances of winning are very high.

spicy chillies wils Wild symbol

The Wild symbol has the task of trying to maximize as much as possible the chances of winning the player who decides to play this slot. How do you do it? Going to change the symbols on the roll involved in order to try to facilitate the formation of new winning combinations. The Wild symbol, however, has a limit, namely that of not being able to modify neither the Scatter symbol nor the bonus ones.

Scatter symbol

The Scatter symbol of this slot machine has the task of going to multiply the winnings. They have to leave at least two but remember that they can do it on any part of the screen and pay everywhere.

Bonus Symbols

When you activate a bonus game you enter another screen that invites the player to choose three dishes to make the chef try. You have to pay close attention to the pepper, but the winnings are always multiplied in this case. When you have a bonus you can contribute to the winnings of 100,000 coins that go to build the jackpot of this interesting very profitable slot machine.